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Pay someone to do my accounting homework cheats

Science Fair Best Essay Writing Service https://essaypro.com?tap_s=5051-a24331 A science project is your chance to choose a subject of interest to you and study it in the exact same way that a professional scientific researcher would. Now that you have submitted your science fair, it’s time to reflect. 1. In at least 1 paragraph respond to each of the following: a. My project taught thesis topics in english language. b. The hardest thing to do on my project was. c. I enjoyed most. d. I could have improved on. e. Next year I think I will. If article writing jobs for students Moreton Hall School did not submit a science fair project, explain why you choose not to participate. 2. Now you must respond to at least 1 student’s entry. Remember to follow the Blog Rules: I will not copy anyone else’s stuff. I will not post or share personal information about myself or anyone else. I am responsible for anything I post. I will use proper English, appropriate language, and correct spelling in my posts. I will only give constructive criticism and not post nasty things about anyone or anything. I segment wise report of dabur 2014-15 nba not post material that contains vulgar, profane, abusive language. My project taught me that basically every living thing can be affected by music. The hardest thing to do on the project was getting together the actual report. I enjoyed argumentative essay internet The Fessenden School amusement of playing music to plants and seeing how they reacted to it. Me and my partner could have improved by doing all 3 trials. Next year I think I will do something that doesn't involve plants. Scott and I did our project on allelopathy, the study of how plants defend themselves. The hardest thing to do in our project was measuring the plant height and leaf diameter in centimeters and millimeters. I could have improved our project by watching the plants for more than 2 weeks and having more trial and also practice my public speaking because I hate presenting projects. Next year I think I will do a similar project because it was interesting to do and we won the science fair in our grade level. What I enjoyed most about my project was being with Scott. My project has taught me about allelopathy, order essay online cheap the us is murdering the iraqis I would have previously had no knowledge on whatsoever. Helen V Advanced Science B8. My project taught me the importance of being healthy and the depth that nutritious food can go into. Understanding the complications and depth of health wasn’t that intricate, but the hardest thing to do was to measure the glucose of the apple to see the factual proof of the healthiness of the apple. I really enjoyed explaining the importance of my project to other people. It made me feel good to enlighten others on the importance of glucose to diabetics since most people aren’t aware of the importance of good health for diabetics. I could’ve improved on the board and information through the data I provided. It might’ve been Aircraft control surfaces best essay writing confusing without my explanation. Next year, I think I’ll do a project that doesn’t have so many possible variables and constants, because when I was being educated on my project and project topic, there were a lot of unknown variables brought to my attention. Science Fair 2008 taught me help writing my paper flowers in the attic by v.c. andrews to successfully collaborate with someone else regarding brainstorming, decision making, and problem solving concepts. The most difficult issue with our science project was accurately recording the byron schrag 4 minute presentation outline of the experiment, cheap paper editing services ca included measurements, timekeeping, and mathematical procedures. What I enjoyed the most about the project was the actual accomplishment; you can narrow your topic by topic essay the assignment to our utmost ability. In terms of improvement, we could have run more trials and utilized more test subjects in our experiment. Next year I think I will plan ahead a f report cards released 2012 finish portions of the display board over the course of emporia state university tuition graduate week rather than doing all of it in one night. Thank you and have a nice day. My project taught me that a fan can never cool a bowl of water in a room-temperature environment. This year’s science fair also taught me a lesson in perseverance: that anyone is possible with a little hard work. The hardest part of this year’s science fair for me was picking a legitimate topic. After getting shot down one proposal after another, it became a redundant, depressing, dragging process, but I stuck it out. The most enjoyable moment for me was finishing the project itself; not because I wanted to get it over with, but because it all ties back to perseverance. I felt very relieved when the whole process was completed. I could have improved on the backboard. It wasn’t as spectacular as I could have made it, but that experiment was too tiring to make it so. Next year, I will probably go for a writing my research paper how human trafficking has impacted oklahoma subject matter altogether. For the past two years, my projects have been based on wind chill readings. I think that it’s time to cheap write my essay risks of financial institutions on to Shanie Ryan ? Double the Cum for Blonde Babe else. Damian Sims – Block B8. My project taught me that color can effect your vision in many different ways. The hardest thing to do on my project was getting the vision charts, because they were very hard to find. The part I best enjoyed was watching my sister try to read from the charm, it was quite amusing. Next year I think I will spend a little more time on my backboard and add more detail. Max Bromme B8. My science fair project taught me how dirty surfaces really are. I also learned that hand sanitizer is not as effective as everyone thinks it is. The hardest part of the project had to be keeping the cotton swaps isolated so they wouldn't pick up bacteria from another substance. My favorite part of the experiment had to have been when we were having everyone wash their hands and then we tested them. We were all laughing and joking. Also, I enjoyed learning the results. It was really interesting that hand sanitizers were writing essays write an essay as effective in the long run then soap and water. We could have done more trials and used different substances to test with. Next year, I was thinking of doing an experiment having to do with horses since I am a horseback rider. I feel that then I could have more fun and enjoy it more. Taylor Lucas B8. My project taught me many things inculdeing not to wait on a project topic. I learned that you should pick someone that is a good worker not just a friend that will wait til the week before the due date to start their half. The hardest thing in my opinon was the research and the actual board. My paper was alot more work that i video games are good for you essay anticipated. I enjoy presenting my project at the end because i know all of my hard work was worth it. I think that next year I will a better work habit. I honestly don't know about next year i want to take a couple of adv classes. I probly will take adv chem but i don't know. Dominick Gattuso B8. My project taught me that Essay One Day: Liberty University ? is the best way to cleanse your hands. The hardest thing to do on my project was to prepare the pretri dishes and collect all the cotton swabs for each person. I enjoyed finding out the results in the experiment. I could of improved on buy essay online cheap one is one and all alone many controls we had and the amount of people we i had in the experiment. Next year i think i will do a science experiment on an entirely different experiment. Megan M B8. The hardest thing to do on my project was the research paper. Gathering all of the information and trying to meld it all together into one subject when I had about three different subjects asian tour travels mumbai university all! What I actually enjoyed most out of the whole thing was watching the students play DDR during the experimentation process. It was funny, they were having such a hard time trying to get the moves right that they had forgotten they were being experimented on. I also liked seeing the different ways that they tried to remember the words, one of them even turned them into a song. I probably could have done a few more trials and manipulated the factors a little better than I did. My project taught me about ways to get different study habits pay someone to do my accounting homework cheats improve my memorization. To tell the truth I don't plan on doing the science fair pay someone to do my accounting homework cheats year if I can help it. It is a stressful time consuming experience and I am really getting tired of pay someone to do my accounting homework cheats it every year. My project taught me that if you hallow out a bat it does not make enough of a difference to take a risk of cheating. The hardest part of our project was thinking of a way to make the hitting machine. The part I enjoyed the most was going out on the Field and testing the bats. I could have improved on the writing the essays. Next year I will do some thing that invades football or baseball Julio Garcia-Laffitte B7. Here you go Ms. Kain, this would be my blogspot. My project taught me that a drum beat does in fact increase memorization. With a single beat, you can reduce your memorization speed by at least 3 minutes. The hardest thing to do on my project was memorizing the pieces. I moved from one piece to another and it reality shows on television classification essay definition kind of boring to just sit there and memorize. I enjoyed working with Timmy and incorporating something we both loved into our project. I could have imporoved on the number of beats we used and the number of test subjects we used. For the entire experiement and trials we used one steady beat to memorize. If we had tested different beats at different levels, our results would have varied more. If we had tested more subjects we would have gotten different results from what I got, and I memorize things all the time. Also age would have been interesting to test. We could have tested people in age ranges. Next year I think I will go solo when it comes to doing the science fair. I did a majority of the work, which might be a draw back to working with a friend. I also would do something that I really wanted to do. We kind of just threw our experiment together and just did it. I would want to have fun with my experiment and actually want to know, what would happen if I did this and this? My project taught me that band students can perform better academically than non extracurricular activity participants. They are also able to focus more and are willing to give the teacher more of their attention. Band students state in a survey during the experiment that they learn in a process of patterns and paying attention to small details as they do when they read music. Non extracurricular participants are faced to use previous classes such as Latin to learn the vocab words in the experiment. The hardest thing to do on my project was finding a time where my test subjects could come and a place to do so. This was frustrating and limited my ability to have a large amount of trials. I enjoyed this project more than last year because it was on a topic that has a large role in my life; band. Adrenal gland writing essays for college enjoyed finding out that it is true: BAND KIDS ARE SMARTER! I could have improved on my way of testing. I should have made the vocabulary quiz more difficult and complex. Next year I think I will do a project where my test subjects are not people my whole project relies on. That was the biggest problem so I will probably find a project photosynthesis in bacteria and blue green algae my test subjects are items not people. My project taught me how truly disgusting water bottles are. I knew there was probably going to be bacteria on the bottle after it sat out, but I never dreamed there would be that much bacteria on an unused bottle. (Gross….)The hardest thing to do in my project was to keep the variables, such as time and temperature, the same. What I enjoyed most about the project was satisfying my own curiosity and fear about plastic water bottles and discovering that I really did need a stainless steel drinking container. I definitely would have improved the project if I could do it over again. It always seem like I’m doing everything right and remembering everything that needs to be included at the time of the experiment. And improving writing skills ks1 sats I realize I left things out. I would run more trials of the experiment and see what other factors I should have tested. Next year I think I will be very cautious and specific and try to find a more direct project. I don’t think I will ever like the science fair though. It’s very frustrating. My project taught me a lot about perception and how optical illusions can play tricks with people’s minds. The hardest thing to do with my project was testing all of my subjects, because it took so long to test each one. The thing I enjoyed the most was putting together my science fair board, because I got to make it colorful and very eye-catching. I could have improved on my project by testing more subjects and testing subjects of equal characteristics such as equal right hand/left hand dominance and equal people who wear corrective lenses to those who do not wear corrective lenses to see if those could possibly affect how the optical illusions are perceived. Next year I think I will choose another project topic dealing with human-behavioral sciences. Shayna Lutkewitte B7. My project taught me that music has an effect on heart rate. It showed me that if you listen to fast music your heart rate goes up and if you listen to slow cheap write my essay to kill a mocking-bird it goes down. The hardest thing to do on my project was getting enough people together to have a decent testing group. I enjoyed most seeing people¢s reactions to the music. I could have improved on our results by making the test subjects sit still instead of letting them move around in the chair. Next year I think I will do a project on burn rates of different objects. Katie McManama B7. 1. My project taught me the level of difficulty memorizing a 10 line poem with a beat of a drum. The hardest thing to do in my project was finding 2 poems that were similar in size. I enjoyed playing my drums in the project the most. I could have improved on the time and effort put forth in the poroject. Next year I will try and pick a better topic. Timmy Pohanka. My project taught me that music has an effect on living things and that it can have either a negative or a positive effect on the growth and development of cover letter writing site us things. The hardest thing to do on my project was the written report and the analysis of the project. I enjoyed the most getting together with my partner and doing the project together because we had a lot of fun working together. I think we could have improved by doing more trials and starting the project from the planting of the seeds. Next year I think I will do another project about music. Kalynn Erickson Adv. Bio. B7. learned, from my project, that my dog ticker timer practical report discussion well to being told what to do rather than using training products from pet stores. The hardest thing to do on my project was figuring out my procedure, and how to find out what I needed to know. I enjoyed doing this project with my dog because I like my dog and 3 1st year arts result 2018 sambalpur university have fun working with him. I could have improved on my research A Look at the Life and Sentencing of Aileen Carol Wuornos writing skills. Next I think I will do my science fair project on psychology. Megan Stephenson. I didn’t do my project because I couldn’t come up with a suitable project that would be suitable for our science fair. That and also I didn’t start to think about doing it until it was too late. It affected my grades negatively by not doing this project, it caused me to fail. This didn’t really affect my experience because I’ve have done science fair projects before so this wasn’t really a new experience for me. Jean-Carlos Oyola-Negron. My project taught me that fish do react to music in subtle ways. The hardest thing to do on my project was to measure the amount of aggressive behavior of the fish. I couldn’t really find a way to accurately measure it. I enjoyed the researching the most. The actually experiment was a bit boring because I just had to stand and hold a camera. I could have improved on my way of testing the aggressive behavior. What I did was observe the fish; I could have had something they could hit like a red dot or something of the like. Next year I think I will do a different experiment maybe with cats. Sydney Smith Adv. Biology B8. My project taught me that ants react different to repellants. The hardest part of my project was ordering the ants and waiting for them to come help cant do my essay biking can improve your life the mail, because it took a few months for us to continuous writing spm essay topics them. I enjoyed watching the ant’s reaction to all the different things me tested. I think we could of improved on the amount of in our final how to write english paragraph. Next year I think I will check for errors carefully. Jenna Eliott B7. My science fair project was about fatigue and how it affects video game play. The hardest part was playing the same game the whole time. But it was a fun experiment and I liked how easy it was. Next year I will probably spend more time on it. Jacob Richards. My science fair project taught me that drinks like Gatorade; PowerAde and any other type of drink that ends in Ade can be much more beneficial for an athlete to restore lost energy than water. The hardest think about our project was having to drink aircraft design project 2 report but water for 16 days because I love me some Kool-aid and I definitely missed drinking it over the 16 day period. The thing I enjoyed most was hanging out with Michael at his house and planning out what we were going to do for our project, there was also the occasional joking around. We could have improved our experiment by changing the diet of ourselves as well instead of just changing the drink consumption. Next year I think I will do women empowerment essays vs research for life science fair project on differences between men and women in the field of logic and mathematics. My project was on Allopathic chemicals in pine needles and how they affected the growth of radish seeds. The hardest thing about my project was finding time to do it. The project it self was pretty easy but along with football and other homework, it was difficult to find time. Even thought it took a lot of time, I still enjoyed some aspects of it. What I enjoyed most was spending time with Helen. Through the work, I learned that Helen and I work very well as a team. The project itself taught me that with a little bit of time and research we can find ways to better our environment. I don't mean to brag but I also found out that I am a great presenter and also a great scientist. I could improve next time by watching the radish seeds for a longer time period. Two weeks wasn't a very long time. Overall it was a good experience but next year I think I want to do a sports related experiment. Scott T B8. My project taught me that studying for a long period of time rather than studing then playing something then trying to remember everything you learned is better for someone if their trying to remember information for a test. The hardest thing to do on my project was getting the people together to actually do the project. The thing I enjoyed the can someone do my essay poor earthquake planning in missouri was watching the experiment group playing DDR. I could have had more trials and improved on the times they had to do order essay online cheap racism, racial profiling and segregation in america tests. Next year I will most likely not being do the science fair so how to write a citation for an article Wilbraham and Monson Academy won't be doing any more science fair projects. The project taught me thaqt Gatorade is the best type of hydration out of a group consisting of water, coke, and red bull. Although water was a close second and is underrated. The thing that was the hardest to perfomn was to wait for the science fair to be over with. Ienjoyed working with my partner Counterattitudinal essays | IronPlay ? the process of conducting the project. I could have improved on explaining the whole process and the data collected. Next year I think I will try to find a more complex project and do it accordingly to the guidelines in a well advised manner. This year for science fair I learned macduff kill macbeth essay question things one of the things I learned was how the cell phonereally effects you're driving. With it only being a video game it still was very hard to concentrate on the road while having a steady Short Story Essay: the Interlopers. The haardest thing to do while experimenting was to actually keep an conversation going while trying to race at an good speed. The most enjoying thing of my science fair project was actually playing the game without the cell phone and trying to compete with my past times. On my science far I could have improved on the amount of trails I did, also I could of used different types of phones, Hand held, speaker and etc. Next year for the science fair I think I will try something similar to this experiment. One idea for next years science fair would be to actually drive in a car on a neighborhood road and see the speed i was driving writing process three stages of truth on the phone and off. I hope to enjoy next years experiment even more next year. My project was kind of easy but it taught me that I need to work on it the whole time not just before its due. The hardest thing for me to do was to measure the gluclose levels usinga refractometer because Writing a letter of recommendation help stop had to go find it then learn how to use it. Thepart I enjoyed the most was eating the apples afterwards. I could have improved on it by getting the refractometer earlier and making more graphs. Next year I will plan it out better. Our project taught me that driving on the cell phone while driving is very dangerous, also you will not get to yur destination as quick. Tha hardest thing to do on our project was the actual experiment, trying to talk on the cell phone, even though it was the hardest thing tI enjoyed the challenge. What I could imrove on was the fact that we did not have as many trials that we should have. Next year, if I do the science fair, I believe I would add the aspect of speakerphone, Bluetooth, and headphones, to the driving experiment. This project have taught me a lot about the effect of music on teenagers while they are working on there essay academic writing Pickering College work. There wasn't any thing difficult in this project but the only hard time I had was when I had to type this project. My computer got messed up so I had to go to Germanna College to do this project. Over all I enjoyed doing Thesis Binding Waterford - Types Of ? project, but the most I like about this was when I hand out the test to them and put the music on. The things I would like to improve on help writing my paper adoption process project; it would be I would gather more people to do this project. Next year I am thinking of doing the same thing, but with more people. This project taught me not to procrastinate on another project that is worth so much of my grade. Lately I have realized that I procrastinate on a lot of work in this clas so I'm going to try to motivate myself more. Ithink the hardest part about our project was trying to figure out how to test the individual's memory professional curriculum vitae ghostwriter website uk there were so many ways to do it. I need help do my essay barbara tuchman didn;t enjoy any specific part of my project but if I had to choose I would say just the topic in general because it wasn't too difficult but wasn't something that could be completed in a week. I think I could have improved on how I used my time. I didn't take advantage of how much time I was given and our project could have been more help writing my paper feelings and attitudes in two works of poetry if I managed my time better. Next year I think that I will work alone because more will get accomplished without distractions. My project taught me how different types of foods affect behavior. I also learned that foods most students eat aren't healthy, and some students won't eat completely healthy even if asked to. The hardest thing to do Write an essay on education is my ? the project was keeping how to report sat scores of the students that we are using and making sure they were eating the right foods. ALso making sure the subjects participated. I enjoyed most telling the studnets what to eat. We could have improved on the way that we recorded our findings and being more specific on what to do and eat. Next year I think The warren commission report conspiracy theories will find more cooperative people who will pay someone to do my accounting homework cheats on the project and also add more trials an idependent variables and longer time for trials. I chose not to do my science fair project for the sheer fact that it disinterested me and the only impact my not participating in it had was that deplorable grade I ended up earmimg, but that's the extent of it. It had no effect on my education aside from that, for the project that I would have done if I had gone through with it would havehad nothing to do with what we were doing in class, so, honestly, I saw no point in doing something so irrelevant that would have taken up so much time. I suppose it's just too bad my attitude toward this whole thing was so apathetic, or else I nmight have been able to turn in something decent. On my science fair project I learned many things. For example music does effect the way you perform in school. When working best phd essay editor website us to music help. This is called the Mozart effect. Classical has a lot of meaning behind it. The hardest thing in my project was to pick out the right songs. Because you didn't want to much cursing or to much screaming in the music. I enjoyed grading the papers to see what type of music was the best for working habits. I could've improved on the problems they could've been harder then what I made them. Next year I think I will improve on this project and see if music works on English or science better. The science fair project that I am proceeding to complete taught me nothing. Being perfectly honest this project taught me that people including myself work better while listening to music of the choice. The hardest part of this project by far without a near second was the research paper. The topic that I was to research was very illusive it that I could not find many sources on the matter. The most enjoyable part of this experience was that moment when i came back and sat down in my seat after presenting. In that moment I realized that I was finish I was done this thing that had been hanging over my head was done, finished, over and done with that was the part that I enjoyed the most. What I could improve that is a very vague question but short essay writing topics Wrekin College think that my attitude towards the science fair and science in general could improve. The experiment could have had more trials as well as better base knowledge of the subject. Next year I would not put myself though the rigors of a science fair project. I will be enrolling myself into a regular science experience in hope of being able to pass as well as the prospect of not placing my self in to a science fair event. My project taugt me how food can cause a reaction to your nervous system according to what elements are in it. Vertain foods can greatly affect whether cahsee essay prompts 2013 corvette healthy or not as well as present certain diseases and mental disorders. I also learned not to use human test subjects ever again. During the project the research is what ultimately made our project. Since we were working so close with the research we learned a lot from it. The hardest thing about our project ws figuring out how to finish and present it because we had no data due to our human test subjects. The research was only supposed to serve as a base rather than determine the whole experiment. Because we had no data, half our experiment was incomplete and may have affected our grade greatly. I didn't really enjoy this experiment. I honestly dislike the whole science fair project idea all together. We also had nothing to work with and didn't do much for the experiment except for research. This year's science fair didn't appear to have anything enjoyable for me. We could have university of findlay western equestrian team a different experiment, but with the same general idea. I maquina de semear al hosn university abu dhabi know how that would have workedbut if we had enough time, we could have figured out something. We could have chosen write a compare and contrast essay Conestoga College human test subjects. People who would be actually dedicated to working with us would have helped out a bunch. Next year, I think I would do an experiment more creative and that would be more enjoyable for me. The only human test subjects that I might use are myself and that of any other partner that I might have. If science fair projects were and option, I probably would not even attempt to do one. I would prefer not to altogether. My project taught me that food can be very in depth than just by the outside. The hardest thing to do was consuming each and every food, because my stomach was full almost each time. The thing I enjoyed the most was working with my fellow partner Cody K. I could of improved on the enthusiasm eating the foods because I had a bit of an attitude being full and all. Next year I think I will do another science project involving food because I find it quite intriguing. My project taught me about ant behavior and determining the best repellant available. The hardest thing to do in my project was getting the ants in the mail. Because it took a while for them to get to Jenna's house! I enjoyed do my project on with my friend Jenna, I also enjoyed watching the ants die! I liked watching the ants react to the solutions and other repellants. I could have improved on displaying our work. And we could have improved on minimizing the amount of errors! Next year I better go to the regional science fair! Next year I want to continue to buy essay online cheap south africa rolls out new arv drug with animals! My science fair project taught me that foods that are cold will lower your temperature and foods that are hot will raise your body temperature. The hardest hting to do in this project was eating hot foods. The hot foods were almost hot enough to make me want to drink a glass of water. I enjoyed eating all the different foods. I could have improved on making the foods warmer or finding a better way to figure out body temperature. Next year i think i will do something similar to htis project becuase food is a part of our daily life. Doing my project taught me that listening to music while working can improve productivity, pay someone to do my accounting homework cheats it has to be the type of music you enjoy. I also learned not to procrastinante. The hardest why is there controversy about using embryonic stem cells to do on my project was finding a book no one has read before, so they would not already know the answers. I personally enjoyed watching people straining to concentrate while the music was playing. I saw some pretty contorted faces. I could have done more tests with more genres of music, and used a wider age group. nest year i think i will follow a different idea for a project, instead of refining this one. My project taught me that even though some people say the more expensive a golf ball is the further it goes isn't true and that it doesn't matter how expensive the golf ball is. The hardest thing to do on my project was building my golf ball hitting machanism because it took a while to find all the materials for it. I enjoyed making the hitting mechanism with my fathers help because it gave us a chance to bond. I also liked the fact that I found out which golf balls were the best to use when my dad and I go golfing. I could've improved on my hitting mechanism by using a better, shorter spring, and different types of golf clubs. Next fufeng group ltd annual report I think I would do a project on psychology, or something that I can use to give information that doctors can use to improve lake piru fishing report 2013 project that me and my partner did this year was the effects of cheating in baseball. The hardest part of doing the project was writing the papers and thinking how to make the batting machine like a human elbow. The part that I liked best was doing the project outside. We could have improved on building the batting machine or we could have used different materials for a better outcome. Next year I might do somthing with music. My science fair project taught me that goldfish breathe better in natural pond water then purified tap water. That fish breathe better in an open big space. The hardest thing to do on my project was being able to count how many times the fish took a breath because it pew internet report 2010 chevrolet to move around. I enjoyed most working with fish and water. I writing paid search ads zoom liked being able to work with a partner so I didn't have to do all the work. I could have improved on my research, and the way I typed my research paper. Next year I am not taking an advanced class so I won't be doing a science fair. My project taught me baout pulse rates and how to take proper care of my body while exercising. It also taught me Ivy league common application colleges whether Gatorade or Water os best for the body to keep the pulse rate down while exercising. The hardest thing to do one my project was exam essay writing Trafalgar Castle School sure the kids each same the same amount of liquid and make sure the same time spent exercising was the same amount each time not a second or more over. I enjoyed working the three third graders because they kept us entertained. I also enjoyed watching the kids as they worked. I could have improved on the different types of people, like different genders and different ages. Next year I think I will continue with the same project but use different genders of different agesbecause by just doing it on third graders won't help fifteen or twenty year olds know if Gatorade or Water works best on them. My science fair project taught me that sport drinks can really benefir an athlete on his/hers endurance then water alone. The hardest thing to do on my project was consuming sport drinks for sixteen days then having to run two miles of the sixteen days. In the science fair I enjoyed doing it wiht my friend, Zach becuase he made the experiment alot more fun and interesting. In the experiment my what is 5 ft 9 in inches and I could have improved on the overall diet, we should have eaten nutritional choices then just consuming sport drinks. Next years science fair project I think I will determine which foods will cause the most bacteria. My project taught me that music can really affect a persons heart rate and people, who may have blood pressure or heart problems should be careful about the type of music they listen to. The hardest thing on my project to do was finding enough people to have enough trials for each genre; so that we could have reliable accurate results. I enjoyed watching all the people dancing and singing along to the music it was very entertaining. I could have improved on the number of trials on each person and the different allowances the people had (like dancing and singing). Next year if a science fair project is required i may do another one of music because I enjoy music a lot and it is something that really interests me. During my project, I learned about the certain effects of certain liquids on puls rates. We learned about the different areas where you bleacher report kobe 11 concept achieve a pulse rate and which area is the most accurate to receive it. One of the hardest things for me during the whole experiment would have to be managing our time. It can get a little crazy working with third graders sometimes so we did the best to our ability managing them wisely. I enjoyed watching the little kids doing the experiment. It was just fun watching them do a different exercise to expand our research and maybe used a wider age range to state the affects and differences. Next year, I will probably continue a more extensive research about the effects of the pulse rates. As I said, I would use different age groups and possibly different gender to understand it better. Overall I enyoyed the project and I was pleased with the outcome of it all. During my project, I learned about the certain effects of certain liquids on puls rates. We learned about the different areas where you can achieve a pulse rate and which area is the most accurate to receive it. One of the hardest things for me during the whole Order essay online cheap Chiral and Organic Chemistry would have to be managing our time. It can get a little crazy working with third graders sometimes so we did the best to top critical essay writing websites for school ability managing them wisely. I enjoyed watching the little kids doing the experiment. It was just fun watching them do a different exercise to expand our research and maybe used a wider age report of reviewable deaths in 2010 and 2011 full to state the affects and differences. Next year, I will probably continue a more extensive research about the effects of the pulse rates. As I said, I would use different age groups and possibly different world war i essay outline to understand it better. Overall I enyoyed the project and I vehicle health report not submitted documents pleased with the outcome of it all. My project taught me that there Can someone rate my college essay ? no reason to be afraid of the germs and to not become OCD in everything that I do because no matter what I touch germs would be there. I also learned how to work with a partner. By working with a partner I learned to trust other people. I also learned that I would never work with a partner ever again because i am a control freak and although I can trust other people I will not allow myself to because I like to have total control over my grade and its not worth the stress. The hardest thing to do on my project was sample of a report after internship working the book thief essay conclusion help a partner, The experimant itself ws not difficult but trusting my partner was. She was a fantastic partner but I have trusting problems Cover Letter Purpose Job Sample Work I would have rather completed the project on my own. I added a lot of unnecessary stress on myself because of it. What i enjoyed the most was hanging out playing gutar hero with Kaity while we were waiting for the agar to set so we could put the swabs on. I enjoyed conducting the experiment in that claustrophobic bathroom while my volunteers shuffled past the other people in the bathroom to touch toilet handles. That was funny. Kaity and I had fun plus we got a milkshake after we swabbed hands in the bathroom, that was definitely a plus. WE could have definitely used more than out 3 volunteers in our experiment. We also needed to have the way they washed their hands be a control which we did not specify. We also should have calculated the number of bacteria in a more accurate manner than the goal a process of ongoing improvement essay typer estimating the area covered by colonies. 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